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    Kenny Tietz
    Advanced Analytics w/ BI/Data Visualization for OSvC -...
    Topic posted August 31, 2017 by Kenny TietzBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited September 29, 2017 
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    Advanced Analytics w/ BI/Data Visualization for OSvC - Analytics Cookbook Recipe

    Advanced Analytics for Oracle Service Cloud via BI/DV Accelerators

    The adoption of business analytics across enterprises has seen a paradigm change over the past few years. Enterprise application customers are constantly looking to gain actionable insights from their transactional data, in a timely manner. This includes operational reporting, self-service data exploration and enterprise wide business analytics, to be consumed across desktop and mobile applications.

    To complement the deep transactional reporting already available in Oracle Service Cloud with extended insights, two new analytic accelerators are now available using the Oracle Data Visualization (DV) and Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) products.  Both accelerators come with live connectivity to your Service Cloud environment for immediate access to these insights.  This includes powerful self-service data visualization capabilities to make spotting trends easier, cross pillar reporting, advanced trending, and much more.


    The two analytic accelerators being introduced are:

    1. Data Visualization (DV) Content Pack: This is a light weight, self service, data exploration tool using Oracle Data Visualization that provides Service Managers, Executives and Analysts visibility into service performance across one or more service centers.
      1. Ideal for line of business users who want to extract a subset of your data from Oracle Service Cloud for analysis
      2. Blend with other data sources –  Sales Cloud, Field Service, Excel spreadsheets, 3rd party
      3. Self service data exploration, visual analysis, collaboration and story telling
      4. Consume the application offline on a desktop, using a browser or on your mobile device
    2. Advanced Analytics Starter Kit: This is a fully replicated analytics solution using the Oracle BI Cloud Service providing Executives, Service Managers, Analysts and Supervisors more strategic analytics. It is a highly functioning operational data store out of the box supporting broader, deeper and faster analytics.
      1. Ideal for an IT managed deployment with full replication of Service Cloud data using the objects exposed via the Service cloud REST API’s
      2. Offers advanced analytics such as aggregated reporting spanning several data sources or departments, long-term historical trending, time series analysis, analyses that require querying of large data volumes, and support for other computationally-intensive analyses
      3. Supports everything possible within the Data Visualization Content Pack and much more, all built on the same platform, therefore it’s easy to scale up the departmental prototypes into an IT managed enterprise solution

    Getting started with the analytics accelerators

    The analytic accelerators are available for download with this blog post. Download the different artifacts that come with each of these accelerator offerings. Refer to the Getting Started Guide with each accelerator for the step by step instructions and to understand the Oracle Analytics application that you can download or subscribe, to prototype and evaluate these offerings. While these analytic accelerators are available at no charge, it is contingent on licensing of the Oracle Analytics platform, with different deployment options.


    Oracle Analytics

    Data Visualization Content Pack

    Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service

    Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

    Oracle BI Cloud Service

    Oracle Analytics Cloud Service

    Advanced Analytics Starter Kit

    Oracle BI Cloud Service

    Oracle Analytics Cloud Service


    We hope these offerings provide you with advanced instant insights to your Oracle Service Cloud data and look forward to your inputs on additional analytic needs.



    • Michael Locurcio

      I was wondering if anyone else has had a chance to setup the DV package? I have followed the instructions to the best of my ability, but I am having two problems:

      1. Trying to configure the data source for my prod enviroment. I keep getting told that my credentials are incorrect, I know they are valid. I can connect to my TST site.

      2. Reload data Open Incidents - Service Manager failed.
      Your operation has timed out. Please try again later.

      Has anyone else had a chance to explore these and knows how to resolve these errors?

    • Mehrzad Kootar

      Hello Michael

      Here are the answers to your questions 

      1) I would recommend you use a login that you are not currently using for Service cloud to log establish that connection . In my experience that works best . 

      2) You would need to use filters over the data set to ensure that you are filtering out a smaller set of data . the DVD reports or the connector with Service Cloud is meant to visualize smaller sets of data . You can edit the Open Incident data set and put those filters in . 




    • Jean Infanti

      From what I can tell there seems to be limited options to include these visualizations within OSvC as a display for agents. Has anyone successfully found a way to use these oracle visualization tools and displayed them within OSvC to your agents? I have been messing around with the visualization desktop and it's exported files 

    • Mehrzad Kootar

      Hello Jean 

      There are two options you can the data viz desktop which allows you to access these viz from your computer and then there is Oracle Analytics Cloud service . You can have your service cloud data extracted into the oracle analytics cloud and make use of these viz out of the box  . You can embed these viz inside of your agent desktop if you choose and make it available to your agent  . If you are interested in learning more about it please feel free to reach out to your account rep and we can get a demo arranged for you