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    Marc Eshaghpour
    UOM conversions not present in pricing
    Topic posted February 22, 2019 by Marc EshaghpourGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    UOM conversions not present in pricing
    UOM conversions not present in pricing

    Hi all

    We are configuring an Oracle ERP/SCM solution.

    We've set up global and intra-class UOM conversions for all of our items. These are present throughout inventory transaction types and procurement, however, they are not present by default in OM. Our belief is that in order to place an order with a UOM that is not the primary UOM, you must have a list price for that item in all possible UOMs that you would sell it in. In other words, the price list does not take into account the UOM conversions.

    Is this true? Are there any workarounds? Does anyone know if Oracle plans to ship a more elegant solution for this?




    • Sreehari Reddy


      Automatic conversions are not possible in OM.

      As a Work around, For Each UOM Code, we have to Create the Price

    • Sanoj Sudheera

      Hi Marc,

      Please check below;

      When we create an Order Management enabled item with dual unit of measures with two different UoM classes. We are unable to define an item price for secondary UoM under pricing administration if secondary UoM class is different from the primary UoM class.

      As per our understanding and experience, there should be an option to define item price for any UoM irrespective of UoM class. For example, if we take cement, users can sell cement using Kg or Packets and these two UoMs are categorized under two UoM Classes but based on the current functionality in Oracle cloud we can define pricing only for primary UoM since Kg and packets categorized under two UoM Classes.

      However, as a workaround we can define both UoM under one UoM class. Then define the item price for both UoM. But this is not a good practice and it will affect the quality and uniqueness of the system Master Data.