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    Pradvin Heggar Prabhakar
    Matching functionality is not working in Supplier.
    Topic posted April 1, 2019 by Pradvin Heggar PrabhakarBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Matching functionality is not working in Supplier.
    There is a matching functionality in Supplier, if name of the new supplier you add is similar to existing one then a matching window is shown. I have done the necessary setup but matching not shown



    • Piyush Singh

      Hi Pradvin,

      Can you share the setup details, and the UI screen shot where you expect to see the matching suggestion. Also share the existing supplier's name that you expect to show up as a match.



    • Shesh

      Ensure that Define Supplier Match Configuration setup task list has been completed:
      1. Configure Party Relationships for Supplier Match
      2. Manage Data Quality Server Configurations
      3. Manage Enterprise Data Quality Matching Configurations

      Keys are rebuilt and Scheduled Key Generation program is submitted, the match configuration is Active.


    • Shesh

      Can you confirm the Cluster Key Level setup for Match Configuration Parameters? is it setup to Exhaustive under Real Time tab?

      If not then change and test.

      Also you cloud try the below:

      1. Clone "Account Duplicate Identification"
      2. Set "Cluster Key Level" as "Exhaustive" for Real-Time
      3. Activate the newly cloned "C1_DQ_SEED_ACCT_DUP_IDENTIFICATION"
      4. Rebuild the Keys
      5. Test the changes

    • Shesh

      More Info:
      Specifying Real-time and Batch Key Generation Options:
      You can specify different key generation options for batch matching and real-time matching. Take for example the cluster key level parameter that has the values, limited, typical, or exhaustive. It is possible to select one value of this parameter, say limited, for batch matching and another, say exhaustive, for real-time matching, depending on how tightly you want the data quality engine to match records.


    • Shesh


      When you Edit Match Configuration: Account Duplicate Identification, scroll down on the page you will see tabs for Real-Time and Batch and you will find the "Cluster Key Level" list with options to select. Select "Exhaustive" for Real-Time and save.