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    Ravi Uppalapati
    API to update FCCS Task Status
    Topic posted November 21, 2019 by Ravi Uppalapati, tagged Task Manager 
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    API to update FCCS Task Status
    API to update FCCS Task Status??

    HI ,

    I am working on an use case to trigger an external application when FCCS is triggered. We are able to achieve that using OIC Adapter. However, to update the status back to FCCS there is no Webservice available. 

    Can any of you let me know if there is any API to update FCCS Task status as error.



    • Tom LeFebvre


      Have you reviewed the documentation on setting up custom integrations?

      If you need additional assistance, probably best to file an SR so we can better support your implementation.


    • Martin Paturlanne

      Hi Ravi,

      We have 3 integrations in OIC that are updating FCCS tasks. We are achieving this using the OIC EPM Adapter, and this adapter is sending a POST request to this endpoint:
      /HyperionPlanning/rest/cmapi/v1/updateTasksForEventMonitoring , with this payload as example:

          "eventName": "Cierre_Libros",
          "integrationName": "Libro_OIC",
          "integrationConnectionName": "OIC_Integration",
          "parameters": [
                  "name": "Ledger_Name",
                  "value": "PYBPY_PL_OPER"
                  "name": "Period_Name",
                  "value": "Jun-19"


      But yesterday, we realized that these integrations stopped working. And we are getting this error:

      500 Internal Server Error

      "detail": "Unable to process the request due to Internal Server Error.",
      "status": 500,
      "message": "oracle.jbo.ConfigException: JBO-33005: Configuration SOAAMLocal is not found.",
      "localizedMessage": "oracle.jbo.ConfigException: JBO-33005: Configuration SOAAMLocal is not found.",
      "suppressed": []


      We are testing the endpoint but it is still not working



    • Tom LeFebvre

      Hi, There is a code correction in 19.12 which will resolve this issue.  If an earlier resolution is required, then please file an SR indicating that you need a patch applied to your 19.11 environment.