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    Kelly Zuckerman (Jaffke)
    Max Export into Excel 2007 from OBI
    Topic posted June 6, 2016 by Kelly Zuckerman (Jaffke)Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Analyses, OBI Answers, Report Delivery, Report Output, Reports 
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    Max Export into Excel 2007 from OBI
    Wondering what the max export is into Excel 2007


    Does anyone know what the max number of rows you can export from OBI into Excel 2007?

    I have heard a variety of rumors, one saying 60,000 others saying 80,000 rows.

    Thank you,




    • Kumar Dorairaj


      This is really limited by data, which is columns x rows. More the columns lesser the rows you can get, lesser the columns more rows you can get. To answer your questions it varies and there is no known number limit that is published as such.


    • Kiran Shenvi

      Hi Kelly,

      We have observed whenever the data volume is such that the file size crosses 9 MB, it gives error.

      We had raised an SR and they admitted it to be bug. Still no confirmation when it will be fixed.

      Till then users will have to break down the prompts such that the data volume fits in smaller size.


      Kiran Shenvi

    • Bradley Hughes

      Hi Kelly,

      I believe the .xls Excel Format is limited to 65536 Rows, I Have made various changes to the number of columns and Data held within each column and I am still limited to the same number of rows,

      Hope this helps,


    • Kelly Zuckerman (Jaffke)

      Thanks All, I believe the .xls Excel refers to the 1997/2003 file type. I believe the 2007 version (.xlsx) expanded the total number of rows/columns, past the ~65,000 Brad mentioned above.  Does anyone know the max export for .xlsx?