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    Tip: Configuring One-time Address Setup
    Topic posted February 10, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited February 10, 2019, tagged Create Requisition, Setup, Tip 
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    Tip: Configuring One-time Address Setup
    Quick tip on configuring One-time Address Setup

    Support / Customers

    Lately, I have seen a few questions from Support on customers asking them about configuring One-time address to use Structured Address fields and what needs to be set up in the Configure Requisitioning Business Function flow.

    Here are key tips you can use:

    A. Two-steps to structured address fields

    Remember that in order to enable structured address fields based on geography (country-based address structures), you need to do two things:

    i) Opt in to the feature from Setup and Maintenance. The feature name is: Capture One-time Addresses in Structured Format

    ii) In the Configure Requisitioning Business Function page, for the business unit you want to enable this feature, you must enable the checkbox entitled Allow one-time addresses.

    B. Prior to Update 19A: You were asked to provide a value for the attribute One-time Location.  However, this value was ignored if you were using structured address formatting. It was used only if you had NOT opted into the feature.

    C. Update 19A onward: If you have opted into the feature Capture One-time Addresses in Structured Format, then the field One-time Location is not displayed anymore.

    Attachments below illustrate the difference described above.

    I hope you find this information helpful both from a point of view of understanding how to configure this feature and the changes made in Update 19A.

    Image 1: Configuring One-time Address pre Update 19A