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    Richard Keevil
    Starting over with a Reference ImplementationAnswered
    Topic posted December 7, 2016 by Richard KeevilGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
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    Starting over with a Reference Implementation

    After having used RN/OSC for many years and steadily adding layer upon layer of development 'paint', we are just about to start a project to overhaul our entire site.  

    Rather than unravel what we have done so far, I feel that tearing off the plaster, get back to the brick work and go again is the best way forward.  Is there a way to cleanly rebuild one of the TST sites as the reference implementation equivalent of our current live site, or is it a case of manually copying files?

    Aug16 SP2 FW3.5

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    • Dietrik

      Yes. it's removing your old stuff and copying what you need. There is no special reset feature.

    • Barrilito van Dijk

      Hi Richard,

      I think there is always a choice in how to do this, depending on time (costs) in the short and long run, the time you have to realize it, the frequencies of changes on these pages (is it a static site or one that gets many changes), the people working on it (only yourself or others too), etc. But apart from that all I would say it is always best to stay up to date and have all code as best as you can aligned with the standards being used on the portal by oracle. That way it works best and you have the best chances at oracle if there are issues on your site and you need their help. So, from that respect I would choose to go to your test site, set the portal to the newest CP release, implement all reference files (meaning: delete all development pages and copy the reference ones back for it) and rebuild all your customizations back from there. That means you should start by looking at the customizations you made on the pages. Perhaps some customizations are now standard available out of the box, or something that is nearly the same. That way you can choose to also alter some page a little different. Also responsiveness is there more out of the box, etc. But be aware that it may take some time. But when done, you are more up to date and can lean back again for a while :) Good luck!


    • Kev