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    Jash Joshi
    Planning and Consolidation development in EPM Enterprise...
    Topic posted October 31, 2019 by Jash JoshiRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged EPBCS, Financial Planning, Free Form Planning, Help Center, PBCS, Planning, Snapshot / LCM Export & Import, Upgrade 
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    Planning and Consolidation development in EPM Enterprise Cloud

    Our client has subscribed to EPM Enterprise Cloud services. Now we want to start the development of planning and consolidation applications together. If we enable the planning we can not go back to the home page unless we do recreate services(Which we do not want to do) and from my services when i do the lauch services it is taking me to one service only (either planning or consolidation).

    What to do in this case? Should we contact oracle if we want to drive the development of two applications (planning and consolidation) together?

    Thank You.



    • Muthu Ranganathan

      Jash, the customer can get separate applications for each business process (without any additional cost). So they have to request for 2 business process when subscribing to EPM Enterprise and 2 separate instances will be provided - one for planning and another one for consolidations. But these multiple business process have to be ordered - the additional ones at no extra cost

      You can connect both these instances through connection manager/navigation flows  if users have to access both the process seemlessly. 

      Please have customer contact the Oracle Sales Rep if they don't have multiple business process provisioned.