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    19A Bug Fix: Tax not calculated in certain cases when...
    Topic posted January 20, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged How-To, Requisition Import, Requisition Processing 
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    19A Bug Fix: Tax not calculated in certain cases when requisitions are created via FBDI
    Import requisitions in certain cases were not calculating taxes correctly. Now fixed.


    Customer in this case was importing requisitions via FBDI. The customer provides values for some tax attributes. Note that the requisitions in these cases were imported in status 'Incomplete'. The user then opens the requisition from the UI. At this time, the bug is triggered. The issue is that the user provided tax attribute values are overridden by system defaulted values.

    NOTE: The customer provided Tax Classification Code in this specific use case.


    Any attributes that are user provided in the FBDI template ought to be retained and tax computations ought to use those values. The fix achieves this requirement.



    • Melissa Stewart

      We just got the 19A maintenance this past weekend, the POs that are located in Manage Orders, status of Incomplete, these are not imported - when trying to modify distribution , when Submit is clicked, this same error pops up. Is this part of this Bug?