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    Jens Lundell
    Soup up Workspace load! - updated
    Topic posted December 21, 2018 by Jens LundellSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, last edited August 26, 2019, tagged Browser UI, Service Console 
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    Soup up Workspace load! - updated
    Introduction to a new series on how to improve the load time of workspaces

    Hello everyone!

    The Workspaces team has been implementing, enhancing, and maintaining workspaces and related features since the first release of workspaces in RightNow Version 8.  We did this first for the legacy console, later for the enhanced console, and lately, for the Agent Browser User Interface.

    The most common question I get from customers regarding workspaces is “How can I get incidents to load faster?” There’s no easy answer to that question, and in this series I discuss best practices and techniques for getting your workspaces to load as fast as possible, without sacrificing required business needs.

    Here are the posts in the series:

    The intended audience for this series consists of site administrators and developers working on integrations with Oracle Service Cloud. Most of the material will be applicable to both the Agent Desktop Service Console (.NET) and the Agent Browser User Interface (BUI). When there are differences, I will highlight those.

    With a decent network connection and a medium-powered PC, opening an incident on a small site with a blank workspace takes about a second. Anything you add to your site and your workspace after that will slow things down. You will see that almost all the recommendations basically boil down to “do as little as possible.” Given that, the term “soup up” for the series is probably not entirely accurate, as it implies you can actually make the core workspace engine faster. You can’t, but you can make sure it doesn’t have to do more work than necessary. Or, to use a car analogy, don’t put heavy items in your car if you want to drive fast. Especially don’t hook it up to a 30,000 pound trailer!


    The first five articles have now been posted, so I thought I would add a simple ordered step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot performance issues with workspaces:

    1. If your site has Add-ins, start by testing without Add-ins. If performance improves drastically investigate the Add-ins (see the Add-in article).
    2. Next, investigate environmental factors. Test with a different account and a different profile. Test on a different computer. Test on a different network. See the first article for more information.
    3. Do you use workflow? If so, use a test profile configured to open records with your most common workspace instead of a workflow. If performance improves drastically investigate the workflow (see the workflow article).
    4. Still have problems? Replace your workspace with the standard workspace and see what happens. If that’s better, disable your workspace rules, and look for problematic controls (see the Workspace Layout and Rules articles).
    5. If you, in all unlikelihood, still have issues using the standard workspace without add-ins in multiple environments (computers/networks), then you should contact Oracle Technical Support.



    I'm periodically reviewing these articles and will incorporate new material, so please feel free to comment on the posts and share your own experiences.

    Jens Lundell
    Oracle Service Cloud