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    Chris Phillips
    Routing jobs together in the same street
    Topic posted July 23, 2019 by Chris PhillipsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited July 23, 2019 
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    Routing jobs together in the same street

    Within our organisation, we have teams who proactively inspect our assets installed at customers properties. The objective is for the field resources to start at one end of the street and essentially walk from one end to the other, inspecting each asset as they go. This is considered the most efficient way to maximise the productivity of these resources. When we have run a proof of concept to try and use routing to automatically produce these routes, we are not achieving the desired output. 

    As per the screenshots below, we are seeing results where routing is considering it more cost efficient to go to a closer property (based on point to point influence). Although it is technically closer as the crow flies, it is on a different street which is accessed via a different point and is actually less efficient to move on to than to continue down the same street.


    The first screenshot below demonstrates the current output as an example, the actual result we want is the following screenshot.

    Has anybody tried to achieve a similar output with routing before? I'd be grateful for any ideas/suggestions to help meet this requirement.