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    Mario Garcia
    Composite Bag whit tow dates
    Topic posted April 10, 2019 by Mario Garcia, tagged Bots, Slack 
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    Composite Bag whit tow dates
    Two date entities end with the same value.

    I´m working in a Absence ODA.

    I'm using a composite bag whit a common response.

    I need a composite bag with two dates, but when I type "Create absence from 2019-04-10 to 2019-04-11", the entity InitDate and the EndDate end whit the same value, but this entities can contain diffetent values.

    Please, can someine help me?





    • Grant Ronald

      What are these two date items entity types?  Are they of type DATE?  If so, its doing the right thing.  DATE doesn't know if something is that start date of the end date - its just a date - what you probably need to do is create a DERIVED entity which is based on DATE but with a preceding phrase of "from" and a separate DERIVED entity (e.g. toDate) which has a preceding phrase of "to".


      • Mario Garcia

        I've already tried,  but I can not include the derived entity in the composite bag.
        I see the following error "Item cannot use a Composite Bag entity for Entity Usage Value."

        • Steven Davelaar

          You get this error when you try to add a composite bag entity inside another composite bag entity. 

          As Grant suggested, you should create a derived entity and add this to the composite bag entity. That should work.

          Steven Davelaar,
          Oracle A-Team.