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    Hemant Gupta
    R13 SCM and Procurement OTBI subject areas to database...
    Topic posted October 9, 2018 by Hemant GuptaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited November 4, 2019, tagged Business Intelligence, Costing, Innovation Management, Installed Base, Inventory, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Order Management, OTBI, Pricing, Procurement, Product Development, Product Information Management-PIM, Quality – Inspections, Reporting and Analytics, SCM, Supply Chain Collaboration, Supply Chain Financial Orchestration-SFO, Supply Chain Planning 
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    R13 SCM and Procurement OTBI subject areas to database lineage mapping spreadsheet
    R13 SCM and Procurement OTBI subject areas to database lineage mapping spreadsheet

    This spreadsheet is published by Oracle OTBI Development. 

    Release: R13.19A, R13.19B, R13.19C, R13.19D

    Information Covered:

    - Documents Fusion SCM and Procurement OTBI subject areas, the corresponding View Objects and database tables and columns.

    Customers can use this spreadsheet to search for reporting fields in OTBI subject areas or trace the lineage from subject area to database tables, columns and view objects or vice versa.



    • Aditya Singh

      thank you for the post :) 

    • Andrea Rayborn

      Is there an update for this on version 19A?

      Thank you! 

    • Rakesh Kumar

      Thanks a lot Hemant for sharing this.

      Do you have any document for mapping of base tables (e.g. msc_ Planning base tables ) to these PVOs?

    • Hemant Gupta


      I have uploaded the data lineage for SCM and PRC for Release 19C.

      This spreadsheet provides the mappings of SCM & PRC OTBI subject areas and columns to database tables and columns and to view objects. You can use this sheet to search for a reporting column by subject area or to trace the database table and column or view object for a corresponding subject area column.