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    Max Basandrai
    Restrict Purchasing Catalog Access For Specific Business...
    Topic posted June 24, 2019 by Max BasandraiBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Manage Procurement Catalog, Requisition Processing, Setup 
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    Restrict Purchasing Catalog Access For Specific Business Unit
    Restrict Purchasing Catalog Access For Specific Business Unit

    While creating the catalog using functional area catalogs, users are not able to restrict these categories to specific BU and also not able to create different catalogs for other BU.

    For the purchasing catalog which is defined under each functional area , how can users create different catalogs for different BU?



    • Suman Guha


      It would help to understand the business problem that you are trying to address. If you are trying to limit catalog content access for requesters in Self Service Procurement, you should be looking at leveraging content zone security.

      The Purchasing functional area catalog is the complete list of purchasing categories that you would be classifying all your purchases and spend under. It's not clear why you would need to partition the list by BU.




      • Max Basandrai

        Hi Suman

        We currently have BU's who's Purchasing Categories are shared via a Non Catalog.

        We have new BU's who have their own purchasing categories that need to be added to the Non Catalog.

        We do not want the existing BU's to see the new purchasing categories hence my question is if there is a way to have the "Non Catalog" specific to the new BU's.

        The business does not want to segregate by content zone as the categories would still be visible by the Non Catalog.





        • Suman Guha

          Replacing the Non Catalog or limiting its access to privileged users is something you may want to consider. You would be better served with more focused Smart Forms which could be category specific including parent categories in the hierarchy. Smart Forms can also be secured by BUs with the help of content zones.

          • Max Basandrai

            Is there a way to limit the viewing/access to the non catalog without creating smartforms?

            • Suman Guha

              Am not sure I understood your question. Could you please elaborate?

              • Max Basandrai

                I have attached a screenshot which may make more sense.

                So without creating a smartform, ALL users can see Category names. So is there a way to create some more non catolgues so each LE/BU can only see their own category names which can be category rather than All seeing the same Categories.


    • Suman Guha

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    • Ashok


      One potential solution is for you to write approval rules to reject requisitions where the user has selected a category that they are not allowed to use.

      In the Non Catalog Request page, there is not a way to restrict the categories the way you are requesting.

      Suman's suggestion of using Smart Forms is something you can explore. Instead of using a non catalog request, you could use a Smart Form and restrict using Browsing Categories and create the smart form for the specific desired category and user combination and use the content zone to assign those smart forms to the requisite users.

      There is not a direct way to achieve the requirement. We have also not really heard this from any other customers. It would be interesting to see if others have insights on this specific requirement.