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    Isu Sahai
    Credit Card processing - Tokenization
    Topic posted May 31, 2018 by Isu Sahai, tagged Order Management 
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    Credit Card processing - Tokenization
    Direction on the Tokenization of Credit Card Transactions in Oracle Cloud
    We are facing solution roadblock issues with the Credit Card transaction processing in the Cloud and I need guidance on the following - 1) Is there a timeline for the PCI compliance of the Oracle SaaS Cloud 2) While that is at works, is there a workaround solution or application that can be leveraged.  Regards Isu Sahai



    • Shyam Singh Patel

       You cannot create credit cards and any credit card related setup in Fusion at the moment as the PCI compliance audit is pending. Once that is done then credit card feature will be enabled in Fusion. After that, customers will be able to create only tokenized cards in Fusion. 
      In order to tokenize the credit card, hosted order page given by CybreSource will be used. 

      There is an existing bug logged for this issue Bug 23325596 : CREDIT CARD SERVICES FOR AUTOMATIC RECEIPT

      Credit card payments are currently not supported in Fusion cloud due to dependency on PCI audit. At the moment, we are unsure about the timelines and release. Though its planned to be available in future releases. 
      Date (02/02/2018) 

      Bug 23325596 [https://bug.oraclecorp.com/pls/bug/webbug_edit.edit_info_top?rptno=23325596] : CREDIT CARD SERVICES FOR AUTOMATIC RECEIPT 

    • Balaji Narasimhan

      Hello Isu,

      Please find answers herewith:

      # 1 - As of now, preparations are on for the PCI compliance audit. Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on the exact timelines at this point of time.

      # 2 – We do support pre-authorized orders where authorization is done in outside system and order is imported for orchestration in Fusion OM. Authorization in Fusion is not supported till PCI compliance is done.


    • Shruti Jain

      Hi Isu,

      We have a similar requirement in our project to integrate Oracle SaaS with a payment gateway(Merchant eCommerce) for Credit Card payments.

      Can you please share how you have done it in your project, we are not able to find any documentation or references to do this.

      Thanks & Regards

      Shruti Jain


      is the status of this request still the same?