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    Volodymyr Faranosov
    HR help desk SR: required fields are not populated
    Topic posted September 14, 2019 by Volodymyr FaranosovBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Service Request Management, Setup and Configuration 
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    HR help desk SR: required fields are not populated
    HR help desk SR: required fields are not populated

    Dear experts,

    I am experiencing the following issue with HRHD SR UI: for some reason fields like Primary Contact Email, Primary Contact Phone, Job Title are not populated once an SR is created. It causes errors while an SR to be created from inbound email.

    Have somebody faced the same issue? 

    I appreciate any input. Find a screenshot attached.

    Kind regards,





    • Justin Anderson

      Hi Volodymyr

      The Service Request object is used by both HR Help Desk and the CRM Service process.  As a result, there are a few fields that might be part of a page layout that may or may not apply to either situation.  The out of the box page SR layout has a few fields that only get used in the CRM process and will be blank for HR Help Desk situations, which is what is happening with the 2 fields you highlighted.   

      You can use Application Composer to remove the fields from the SR page layout that are not used by Help Desk.  This documentation explains in some more detail:

      The Edit SR page layout has different sections, such as the Summary subtab and the Spotlight region, so make sure to look at the fields for both.