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    Pattabhi Raman
    Question regarding VM timer
    Topic posted February 2, 2018 by Pattabhi Raman 
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    Question regarding VM timer
    Question regarding VM timer

    Hello Experts,

    We are currently using Ravello to support our Customer and partner training delivery platform, While we have completed Phase 1 (instructor lead training), Phase 2 is in planning . This involves self-paced or on-demand  training, where we are integrating our LMS cornerstone with Ravello. So, once a customer purchases a training , its available for  40  hours of uptime  over a period of 30 days (whichever is earlier) .  The VM has to powered off and access revoked once the time limit has reached.  we are handling the access part through ephemeral links  , however we are stuck with the 40 hours logic.  We have run into this roadblock here since we are not able to leverage the timer in Ravello,  Since its a billing timer and it keeps running in the background even when the VM is shutdown.

    HAs anyone implemented similar use cases? How are you able to calculate the uptime of the VM?

    We are using the Ravello API's to achieve this. any insights into this is greatly appreciated.




    • Simon Law

      Hi Veeren and Pattabhi,

      My understanding is that you are already in discussion with the product team regarding this feature request. Let's take this off-line and continue with the discussion there.


    • Ram Sivaram

      Hi Pattabhi,

      Have you checked this get billing details for an application API that can return up-time info?



    • Vshrikhande

      Hi Ram,

      Yes, we've checked the API's that's been provided and will help us to get the billing details or an application related up-time info. What we are looking at is, the VM timer has to stop when the VM has been shutdown & this will be related to the customer accessing the training as & when feasible.

      Example use-case would be

      Customer purchases a training --> It is available for 40 hours over a period of 30 days(whichever comes earlier) --> Customer can access the the VM whenever he/she wants and this is when VM timer comes into play(the timer has to stop when the VM is shutdown. But in Ravello, even when the VM is shutdown the timer keeps running as it is related to billing & not usage)

      We are looking to implement a functionality for VM timer in Ravello which directly relates to usage & not billing which will help customers to make full use of the 30 hours of training as & when they please over a period of 30 days.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions & we can discuss.



    • Pattabhi Raman

      Yes, Absolutely. We were trying our luck collaborating with the community for ideas .. But I am happy to discuss further during our regular cadence.