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    Renan Robles
    Need a Purchase Order Revision History Report
    Topic posted March 12, 2019 by Renan RoblesBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher Reports, Business Intelligence, Orders 
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    Need a Purchase Order Revision History Report
    We need to see amounts changed in our purchase orders

    We cannot find a report that shows details of change order amounts. We would like to see the details found on the PO when you go to Revision History. Here you can see amount changed, date, initiator and more. I would even like to see cost center and more details if possible. I believe there should be a standard report showing Revision History. Change History could also work. Can anyone help?



    • Rohit Rathore

      Hi Renan,

      Regarding your request for a  report to find out what all changes happened in a particular change order then you would need to compare all the attributes between po_headers_draft_all and po_headers_all table (for a header change which is pending)
      similarly po_lines_draft_all and po_lines_all for Line Changes
      po_line_locations_draft_all and po_line_locations_all for Schedule Changes
      po_distribution_draft_all and po_distributions_all for Distribution changes

      If it is a new line/schedule or distribution, then the row will only exist in the draft table

      If the change order is already processed then you would need to compare between the transaction tables (po_headers_all , po_lines_all, po_line_locations_all , po_distributions_all ) and the archive tables(po_headrers_archive_all etc) using archive tables column from_co_seq = co_sequence of the Change order you are interested in.

      When a Change order is created first, the data goes into the PO%DRAFT_ALL tables. When the change order is processed then it will move to PO%_ALL tables and then the archive tables. 




    • Renan Robles


      I know how to view the info as you described, what I want is a report that shows all PO change amounts in a spreadsheet. This would be similar to how I can create a change order report. I would like to create a change revision report. Is that possible? I do not see any option for this in reports and analytics.

    • Alan

      Have there been any updates if a report like this exists? We could use something like this too.