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    Mike Lairson
    Slice and Dice an Emailed Analysis
    Topic posted July 12, 2018 by Mike LairsonRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Reporting and Analytics, Sales 
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    Slice and Dice an Emailed Analysis
    I am looking for a way to email (non users) rows from a report but only the rows pertaining to the recipient.

    I have a need to parse a report that contains multiple rows of data for several hundred different people, sending only the relevant rows to each recipient.  Imagine a tabular report, where the first column contains an email address.  There are several thousand rows of data, but each person only needs to see the rows that contain their email address. With CRM OnDemand, we used a 3rd Party tool to accomplish this, but that tool does not work with Sales Cloud.


    Recipient Email Recipient Name Data Data Data Mike zzz zzz zzz Mike yyy yyy yyy Mike www www www Susan aaa aaa aaa Susan bbb bbb bbb Rob sss sss sss Rob ttt ttt ttt

    I would want Mike to receive an email with a report (excel) attached that includes:

    Recipient Email Recipient Name Data Data Data Mike zzz zzz zzz Mike yyy yyy yyy Mike www www ww

    Susan would receive an email with a report including:

    Recipient Email Recipient Name Data Data Data Susan aaa aaa aaa Susan bbb bbb bbb


    I know I can accomplish this using several hundred Agents and several hundred reports - an agent and report for each recipient, but that is clearly a ridiculous solution to a simple problem that I am not willing to entertain.

    Does anyone know of a solution?  I am open to considering a solution within Sales Cloud, a tool that integrates with Sales Cloud, a tool that will take a CSV or XML input and generate the emails outside of Sales Cloud, or a third party vendor with some other solution.

    Thank you!

    Mike Lairson




    • Rupak Chowdhury

      You may try this following approach,

      1. Create a BI Publisher data model using the OBIEE analysis as data source.
      2. Add Bursting feature to your data model as explained in the following BI Publisher documentation.

      3. Check the "Enable Consolidate Output" checkbox while defining the bursting SQL.
      4. Create a BI Publisher report on the data model you created.
      5. Set the "Enable Bursting" report property to "Burst to Email" as mentioned in the documentation link.
      6. Schedule the report as mentioned in the "Creating a Bursting Job" section of the documentation link.

      With that, users should get report data delivered in email containing only where they are in the Recipient's email


      • Mike Lairson

        Thank you Rupak. I am working on learning more about BI Publisher and so far it looks like it will solve my problem.


      Hi Mike,

      If you want to do this in OTBI, assuming all the recipients are sales cloud active users:

      1) You should first create a report that show each individual their own data. You can try creating such a filter  based on session variable,such that each logged in user see their relevant data.

      2) While defining agent , setup the parameter 'Run As'  to 'Recipient', this would mean that agent will run and send each recipient their own version.

      • Mike Lairson

        Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately, I have several hundred recipients, and they are not users, so this approach would not work for me in this case.  I do use the agents in this way for some other reports, however.