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    Austin Keller
    Routing to Unscheduled Bucket/Technician
    Topic posted June 26, 2019 by Austin KellerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Routing / Optimization 
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    Routing to Unscheduled Bucket/Technician
    Recurring Routing to push activities to buckets as "unscheduled"


    We currently create all activities to a "master" bucket. The bucket runs a recurring routing plan to push activities to children buckets(managers), and each child bucket has recurring routing to children resources(technicians).

    Every "add/move" triggers a message scenario to "unschedule" the activity assigned to a bucket.  The managers then manually run routing to assign the activities to technicians.

    We are experiencing issues with routing activities that are linked to activities already routed to children buckets and "unscheduled".

    This appears to be due to routing to the current date and time, when the linked activity is unscheduled.

    Can we routed activities to children buckets as "unscheduled", so the linked scheduling constraints (same day) is not violated?

    Thank you, Austin




    • Austin Keller

      I have been working with "reoptimization" that would grab only "unscheduled" activities.  I set the cost of assigning the activities so high that they stay in the unscheduled buckets. Unfortunately, if I have linked activities in different hierarchy levels, they will still fail to route due to linked activity constraints.