Policy Automation for B2C Service

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    Ready to enhance cross-channel customer experiences with...
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    Ready to enhance cross-channel customer experiences with more personalized service?

    Let me show you how!  

    But first, what makes this possible?   

    Oracle Policy Automation looks at the interview process differently.  It looks to the policy to drive the process. 

    The policy is where all the logic resides to determine whether someone is eligible for a  product upgrade, new cell phone plan, credit card eligibility, best home loan options, recommend new insurance options and more.  OPA empowers you to easily automate those policies (no matter how simple or complex), not only developers then allowing you to quickly launch OPA from a knowledge article, webpage or inside the agent desktop.

    Why is that cool? It’s cool because it enables the business to automate policy-based decisions. This gives the business and stakeholders control and visibility throughout the whole automation process. 

    But how does this drive a more personalized customer experience?  It drives a more personalized customer experience as OPA mimics the policy enabling an interview flow that asks only questions that are relevant - and what is relevant is unique to every customer.  Never presenting questions that are not relevant! Making the interview process dynamic as shown in the screenshots below:

    OPA Summary

    Detailed Flows - Path 1 - The customer signs up for insurance coverage and selects various options.  At the end of the selection, an insurance summary is presented with a rate automatically calculated based on options chosen

    Path 2 - In this example, the customer chooses dental insurance.  The summary reflects a different amount.  This summary page may be saved and attached to the incident.

    Because it all starts and stops with the policy, when the policy rules change the interview will change automatically no matter where it has been deployed – contact center, on-line or walk in centers.  Imagine all your channels always being up to date, consistent and compliant!

    With OPA, you are able to provide your customers a more consistent and satisfying experience no matter what channel they wish to interact!

    Want to know more? Click here to see a video .  Want to try it for yourself?  Click here for an online Customer Experience Demo

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