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    vijayakrishna Bethanabotla
    Requester to be cc'd on email to supplier
    Topic posted November 11, 2019 by vijayakrishna Bethanabotla 
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    Requester to be cc'd on email to supplier
    Is it possible for the requestor to be cc’d on the PO email to the supplier? if possible can you please provide the setups to activate this



    • Ashok

      This is a question better addressed by the Purchasing team. I am moving this to the Purchasing Lab.

    • Suman Guha

      Hi Vijay,

      It is possible for the requester to be notified after the PO is approved. In order for this to happen you could configure the PO approval task and setup a FYI to be sent out to the requester.

      Alternately, you could also configure the PO Implemented notification to be sent out the requesters.