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    Gianluca Natili
    Configurable Consolidation rule and Standard Eliminations of...
    Topic posted October 17, 2019 by Gianluca NatiliRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Balance Sheet, Consolidation, Eliminations, Intercompany 
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    Configurable Consolidation rule and Standard Eliminations of FCCS

    Dear All,

    I know FCCS has a "Periodic" engine. So I want to describe my "scenario" and my needs: I loaded data from HFM in "entity currency" for all my entities, I have also a dummy entity that reflects the consolidated Group Entity data from HFM. This one is the only entity that has a consolidation % of 100 and a consolidation method of Holding, so I can see the consolidated data on Total Geography. In this way I migrated all the historical data that I need and from now I have to consolidate using FCCS engine.

    In this case I loaded all historical data from Jan 2018 until May 2019 with Consolidation % of 0, but I know that I have not Opening balance in Proportion, Elimination and Contribution. When I set up the Consolidation % at 100 in June I can see value now in the Consolidation dimension for all the entities but it considers only the periodic value of June because only in June the Consolidation % is 100%. Instead, I would like to have the YTD amount of June in Proportion, Elimination and Contribution, not only the periodic value. Is there a way to force the Configurable Consolidation rules or the standard elimination ICP to consider the YTD amount ofn June for Proportion, Contribution and Elimination for all the entities in the hierarchy?








    • Dishil Shah


      We had a similar type of issue where we have data with Particular Inter company from Jan. Till April for that inter company method of Consolidation was Not Consolidated and form May we started its Consolidation. So In May we want YTD data with that particular entity to be eliminated but in FCCS it was just doing elimination for May Periodic. So at that time we had to adjust the same through journals.

      As FCCS is working with Periodic concept, it seems that this issues will be there.

    • Keith Glide

      Please refer to the "Opening Balance Ownership Change" (OBOC) system rule. When the consolidation % changes from period to period, the OBOC system rule should post a "Acquisition" or "Disposal" movement entry for all accounts. Currently the posting is always to "Elimination" but in one of the upcoming releases (which one I don't yet know), OBOC for Proportion will be posted to Proportion and OBOC for Elimination will be posted to Elimination. So the Opening Balance Carry forward is adjusted to recognize the current period consolidation % if different to the prior period.

      We also have an enhancement coming in the near future for Configurable Consolidations (30025470 - FCCS - CONSOLIDATION - ADD VIEW DIMENSION TO ALTERNATIVE SYPECC AS RULE-SET SOURCE DATASET) that will allow the selection of a YTD amount to be used as the source of a consolidation rule instead of the default periodic amount.