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    Mohana Gopal Selvam
    Inventory Queries
    Topic posted August 14, 2018 by Mohana Gopal SelvamSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, tagged Inventory / Parts 
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    Inventory Queries

    Hi Gurus,

    I have couple of queries related to inventory, please clarify the same.

    In add activity screen we have inventory and required inventory tab, what is the difference between the two? When i added required inventory to an activity, in the technician mobility screen it threw an error as "missing required inventory".  

    Why do we get that error and what is the usecase for not getting the error.

    Where are we maintaining the quantity of equipments in OFSC, and how will the system know whether the equipment is there or installed in the customer place?

    Can we be able to get history of the equipment, whether it is in the inventory or out of stock?







    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Madhu,

      First, OFSC isn't a warehouse management solution, so you need a separate solution to fully manage equipment (customer, and technician also).

      On activity screen the inventory shows the inventories of the current client (inventory changes by technician is also shown on the current occurrence), the required is show how much inventory is that activity required to finish successfully.

      You got that message because that technician isn't has that type of equipment.

      Technician is able to exchange, install and/or deinstall inventories on Mobility, but on Manage we can do this also. If you select a specific technician then you're able to edit his/her inventories (add, delete, edit). Deinstalled inventories by technician aren't shown here.

      No OOTB, just with external development.


    • Jeffry Husman

      Hi Madhu,

      In order to avoid receiving the error "missing required inventory" you need to disable the "Support of required inventory" box on the Activity type features. (Screen 1)

      In order to be able to get history of the equipment, you need to include the inventory fields that you want to monitor. This is done in Display section under Activity history - monitored inventory fields. Once this is enabled, you can track the equipment history under the history tab in the activity detail screen. (Screen 2)

      If you want to track the history of the technician equipment, this can be done by selecting the Resource Inventories from the Resource Tree. (Screen 3)

      I have attached the screenshot below.