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    Anil Kumar
    Start Manually Link missing under Manual Routing Plan in...
    Topic posted February 20, 2019 by Anil KumarBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Configuration, Routing / Optimization 
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    Start Manually Link missing under Manual Routing Plan in OFSC
    Start Manually Link missing under Manual Routing Plan in Fresh OFSC Client Applicaiton


    I have configured Routing Plans (Manual & Automatic) in my Fresh OFSC Client Application. But the link "Start Manually" is missing for Manual Routing Plan. Please help me to make it visible for Manual Routing. Screenshot is attached for your reference.






    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Anil,

      Can you check this menu for a further date, because this item isn't shown when selecting past days. I see this picture is made on the actual day, but system time and user TZ can make tricks.
      You can try with different settings, but as I see on that screen it's okay. I mean the "Start manually" link need to be there even if no activity or resource available for assigning.
      If you never see this item before on that environment, then it's can mean a broken environment, where additional troubleshooting can be executed by Oracle based on an SR.


    • Anil Kumar

      Hi Zsolt,

      Thanks for your response. I tried with further dates also. But was no able to find the "Start Manually" Link. I created an activity for 25th Feb which is four days further from today. But still the link is not visible. Please find the screenshot attached for your reference. Will raise an SR to oracle. Thanks for your help.



    • Anil Kumar

      Hi All,

      For benefit of everyone, please find the details from Oracle Support.


      It appears that you've had misconfigured one specific visibility, which didn't allow you to run routing plans manually.
      The visibility i'm talking about is found under UT 1 > Screen configuration > Legacy Manage > Main menu items > "Routing" context layout:

      "Execution Summary" was set to Read-Only and that's why you couldn't see the "Start manually" link. I've changed it to ReadWrite and now it is visible in both places:



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