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    Simon Kilgarriff
    Monitoring Agent Inboxes - Analytics Cookbook Recipe
    Topic posted September 27, 2017 by Simon KilgarriffGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited September 29, 2017 
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    Monitoring Agent Inboxes - Analytics Cookbook Recipe

    Monitoring Agent Inboxes

    View All Open Incidents Assigned to My Group

    Author: Simon Kilgarriff

    Difficulty rating: (Beginner)

    Target persona: Agent Supervisors / Team Leads


    1 Table (incidents)

    6 Columns to display incident information

    3 fixed Filters

    1 Rollup for agent name

    Overall description/purpose: 

    This report enables team leads/supervisors to view all incidents currently in an agent’s inbox and gives them a view as to what people are working on.

    The report filters on unresolved incidents and the logged-in agent’s assigned group and also filters out any unresolved incidents that are not assigned. You could easily add this in by removing the filter if desired.  Unassigned incidents would show under a roll-up called ‘No Value.’

    Use case being served:

    A lot of teams work using My Inbox.  A frequent request is for a team lead/supervisor to have a view showing all team member’s inboxes.  This would allow them to be able to see who is working on what and also reassign anything – if for example an agent is on holiday and has items in their Inbox.

    Since I’ve had customers request this a few times and didn’t find anything in the out-of-the-box reports, I thought I’d share this simple report to show how this can be done. 

    Screen shot: 

    Master Chef Approved (a.k.a. Data Validated)? Yes

    Included are the following (in a .ZIP file):

    • Human readable PDF report definition
    • Complete Report Recipe and Report Configuration Details (PDF)
    • XML Report definition 



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