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    Karthik Ramachandran
    ATP : Network Latency / ATP Db Read Replicas/ caching
    Topic posted July 2, 2019 by Karthik RamachandranRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Performance, REST API, Storage, Transaction Processing 
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    ATP : Network Latency / ATP Db Read Replicas/ caching
    ATP Database / Oracle Application Container Cloud : Network Latency / ATP Db Read Replicas/ caching

    we are using ATP database & hosted the REST service in Oracle Application Container Cloud. So we will be consuming that service from our Oracle Commerce Cloud Application.

    So I have few question related to the above topic -

    1) We are global application, Oracle Commerce Cloud will be accessed around the globe. How the ATP database in Ashburn region will respond to network latency in other end of globe like (China, India, Singapore). Do we have any read replicas of ATP database in different location.

    2) We are using Oracle Application Container, how to handle load balancing to ATP database.

    3) Is there caching mechanism available for Application Container code.

    4) How do you decide the number of instance in Application Container Cloud. Like do oracle have any recommendation how many instance or memory needed for specific number of users.



    • Robert Greene

      1)  Physics at play here, latency will be a function of distance, e.g. it's ~112ms from east to west coast of US.   There are no currently read replicas to localize copies.

      2) I think you are asking this in the context of multiple read replicas, so answer is N/A

      3) & 4) there should be a different forum for these questions related to Application Container Cloud,  I don't know the answers and you may not get much help in this area here in this database forum.