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    Alexandru Grigore
    Email Management
    Topic posted June 6, 2019 by Alexandru Grigore 
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    Email Management
    Are email sent in batch or one by one for comunities?

    If we want all members of a community to receive an email when something is added, how are these emails sent.. in batches, all at once, or one by one?




    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      I believe marketing mail is sent in a batch, this as the data dictionary for ma_trans.delivered states:

      The number of emails delivered

      Which would indicate they are not delivered one by one. From a developers point of view it would not be wise to send everything at once as you may have thousands of addresses which could cause performance issues, therefore it only makes sense that they are send in batches.

    • Alexandru Grigore

      Yes, indeed, would not be wise, and i presume that are sent in batches.

      But also i would like to know the number of emails per batch.

      Maybe someone can advise on this.


      Best regards,


    • Justin

      for broadcast mailings under delivery options you can "Limit delivery rate to no more than x messages per hour"