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    Vikash Bharathi
    How to configure external storage using BICC
    Topic posted May 2, 2019 by Vikash Bharathi, last edited September 11, 2019 
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    How to configure external storage using BICC
    Configure external storage using BICC


    I am trying to extract Fusion expense data using the PVOs available. By default the extracts would be in the UCM. But I want to extract it in to external cloud storage like Azure.

    Is there any way to configure external storage in BICC for storage other than oracle cloud storage or OAC. I want the data extracts into another cloud storage space like Azure Storage. Any hint would be helpful.

    Vikash S.



    • Richard Chan

      This is tricky I want to do the same in GCP, ideally I want to access REST APIS from OAC linking to BigQuery as a datasource

      I don't think multi-cloud is a strong point

    • ravikiran goda

      Hi Vikash,

      Please review the below documentation




    • Milind Dalvi

      It is not possible to configure external storage other than Oracle as of now, we have got confirmation from Oracle on this.