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    Robert Cruickshank
    OICS Salesforce Adapter Core Upsert Operation limitation of...
    Topic posted July 27, 2019 by Robert CruickshankGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Adapters, Integration, Mapping, Salesforce 
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    OICS Salesforce Adapter Core Upsert Operation limitation of max 200 records
    When using CORE Upsert operation in Salesforce Adapter there is a 200 record limitation

    So when passing records to a CORE - Upsert operation via the Salesforce adapter, if more than 200 records are passed in one go salesforce will return upsert error :

    EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT: record limit reached. cannot submit more than 200 records into this call

    I realise this is an UPSERT limitation on the Salesforce side, and I can most likely cater for it, but splitting into batches smaller than 200 with the integration. Would do a for-each loop with an XSL to do this.

    But is there anything out of box with the adapter in OICS that could handle this batching for me?

    PS. I also know I could update the integrations to use the Bulk APIs, but I would rather not do that, since payloads of 200 records or more will be rare, but nevertheless need to be handled.

    Many Thanks


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