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    Jagan Bakkiyanathan
    Supplier Insurance and Insurance Expiration
    Topic posted April 13, 2019 by Jagan BakkiyanathanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Setup, Supplier Communication, Supplier Creation, Supplier Registration, Supplier User Account 
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    Supplier Insurance and Insurance Expiration
    Supplier Insurance and Insurance Expiration

    When a supplier is created where to capture the Supplier Insurance details and Insurance expiration date. Also how to configure Alert or notification to Buyer for expiration notification



    • Niamath Jeddy

      You could evaluate using 'Business Classification' section of supplier profile to capture these details with an expiration data.

      Please refer 'Task List: Define Business Classification Configuration' for setting up custom values for the business classification, sub classification and certifying agency fields.

      An out of the box, expiration notification feature is available. However I think the notification is sent to suppliers alerting them.

      Please refer support note "How To Configure Supplier Business Classification Notifications (Doc ID 1987383.1)" for details





      • Piyush Singh

        Alternately, use DFFs to capture the information and then create a BI report and execute periodically (say weekly or monthly) to get the list of suppliers with expiring/expired insurance.



    • Alan Rowland

      As Naimath has suggested, I've typically used the Business Classifications to capture various certifications including proof of insurance and the W-9.