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    Ms MaryAnne
    Emailing all approved requisitions to specific PO email
    Topic posted June 6, 2017 by Ms MaryAnneBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited June 6, 2017, tagged Approvals, Notifications, Orders, Requisition Processing 
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    Emailing all approved requisitions to specific PO email
    Requisition to PO

    Hi All,

    Is the Oracle system capable of emailing requisitions once they are approved to a specific email (in order to create a PO), with the attached approved requisition? If so, how can this be achieved? If not, could you please provide examples of the workaround you might use? Currently, we create POs outside of the system.

    I am unfamiliar with the Procurement module. I work on the HCM side. It just seems odd that the system wouldn't be able to email an approved requisition to our PO specific email once it is approved with the attached approve req, especially when the system can generate statements in the compensation  module and send notifications. 





    • Suman Guha

      Who's the customer?

    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      Schedule a report of all Requisitions in status 'APPROVED' and have it mail to certain e-mailaddress?


    • Tom Anthony

      This is not a supported integration approach.  There is a Procure to Pay Integration Whitepaper posted to oracle support knowledge base that covers the recommended and supported integration approaches.


    • Ms MaryAnne

      Suman - Can you explain what you mean by customer. In one case the customer could be the Procurement email address where the requisition will be sent to in order to be turned into a PO. In another case the customer could be the requisition submitter. 

      Jim - That is definitely not something I thought about and is a good idea. 

      Tom - I will review the Whitepaper to get a better understanding of the integration. 

      Thank you all for the response this was extremely helpful. 

    • Suman Guha

      @MaryAnne Wanted to know the name of the customer who's looking for this capability. Anyways you already got the answer from Tom that I would have provided as well.