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    Aashik Datta
    Purge Contract Import Interface Table
    Topic posted July 30, 2019 by Aashik DattaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Revenue Management 
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    Purge Contract Import Interface Table
    How to purge record from VRM_SOURCE_DOCUMENTS

    We want to purge records from the interface tables of 


    how to submit a program which can purge based on certain parameters. 




    • Ajay Tadakamadala

      If you want to delete unprocessed or rejected data, set line status to Purged in Correct contract document ADFDI spreadsheet.

      There is ESS process to purge records Source document tables.

    • Aashik Datta

      Hi Ajay 

       Probably I am not able to understand it. The ADFDI Spreadsheet has three tabs. 

      They have respectively Header Status, Line Status and Subline Status both at the Parent Block and the Child block lines.

      And when I update any of the status to PURGE . and press upload, apparently it processes only that particular tab and not the whole sheet. (all the three tables) 

       What am I missing ? 



      • Mikhail Bakharev

        Hi Aashik,

        That indeed works sheet by sheet.

        You should delete records from each of the datasheets independently. Firstly delete all entries from Document Sub Lines datasheet, then from Document Lines and finally from Document.



    • Himanshu Ailawadi

      I did the following steps 

      1. Open the ADFDI Spreadsheet

      2. Queried the Documents Error Records for a Ledger

      3. Changed the Header Status to Purged

      4. Pressed the Upload Button

      5. ESS Process completed successfully, but the record in not purged.

      Am I missing something ???