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    Internal Material Transfers within the same Deliver-to...
    Topic posted December 8, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited April 20, 2019, tagged FAQ, Internal Material Transfer 
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    Internal Material Transfers within the same Deliver-to Organization
    Internal Material Transfers within the same Deliver-to Organization

    I am hopeful this note clarifies existing functionality or behavior for both customers and support alike. Very often (more often than we expect) do we receive questions on why internal material transfers are not working in their use cases. Often, there is one common thread of a business requirement.


    1. Unable to select the source organization on my requisition

    2. Cannot create a requisition using an IMT item

    3. Error thrown when trying to use the Enter Requisition Line flow to create an internal transfer

    These symptoms all carry the same question underneath.

    Business Need:

    The business in these cases was trying to create a requisition that will culminate in an internal transfer transaction between two subinventories within the same inventory organization. By now, you ought to be familiar with the idea of a Deliver-to Organization (Inventory Organization).

    For an internal material transaction flow, note that you need two organizations:

    a) Source Organization

    b) Destination Organization

    You need a transfer price to cost the transaction flow between these two organizations. 

    Currently, when your destination type is Inventory, you cannot select both the source organization and the destination organization to be one and the same. By definition, a transfer of items has to occur between two different organizations with a transfer price associated to it.

    When your destination type is Expense, the system will default the source organization as the destination organization so long as the item is stockable in that org. If not, the system will attempt to source a different destination organization.

    This is perceived as a limitation by some customers. The design that is built assumes that the most common use case for seeking formal transfer processes is in transacting between two disparate organizations. The costing flows and other configurations are all set up on that model as well.

    If you wish to initiate an idea with business justification on why this is a need among customers, please use the Ideas Lab.