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    ajinkya patil
    Routing didn't pick the WorkOrder
    Topic posted August 30, 2019 by ajinkya patilRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Routing didn't pick the WorkOrder
    Routing didn't pick the WorkOrder even though there was technician available in the Gantt

    Hi Guru's,

       We have an issue in the instance, where the routing didn't assign a workorder to a specific technician on a particular day. Let me explain to you in the details: 

    On Saturday (24/08/2019) TechA was available to take the workorder and TechA's Gantt was empty (it means TechA is ready to take an assignment). The routing plan didn't assign the WorkOrder to TechA, instead the Routing plan assigned the WorkOrder on Monday (26/08/2019) to TechB with the same features as TechA. {TechA=TechB).

    The question is why didn't the routing plan assign the workorder to TechA and it assigned the Workorder to TecB.

    Thank you.


    Ajinkya Patil




    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Ajinkya,

      Sorry but I think this type of issues cannot be solved through chat. There are LOTS of setting related to routing which has impact on the final daily route.
      I believe there are two options:
      A) play with this and try to find the reason yourself
      B) ask Oracle, but maybe they are only able to help through a Routing Optimization service.