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    Kim Puls
    HCM & PPM with Organizational Trees
    Topic posted April 10, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Capital Projects, Grants Management, Other, Project Management 
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    HCM & PPM with Organizational Trees

    Question - we are getting to go live with HCM in a few months. Since we haven't been live, with HCM yet, we've maintained an org tree in PPM. I found some documentation (PJF: Does the Organization Tree Used in PPM Need to be the Same as that Used in HCM? (Doc ID 2340513.1) and it states PPM/PFM uses the HCM tree...does that mean I will not have to make any org move/changes in PPM...that it will default to the HCM tree?




    • Yenuganti

      Hi Kim,

      Regarding to your question,

      If you want to use the same Org tree... which is used for PPM/PFM, we don't have to create another one for HCM.

      But if there is a change in the Orgs in the tree based on the PPM/PFM requirement, Yes that will impact the HCM orgs as well, 


      So better recommendation is to define 2 org trees with specifying that Projects(PPM), HCM. so that if any changes due to PPM, that will not Impact the HCM org tree and vice versa...


      Thanks & Regards,