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    Kenny Tietz
    Desired Analytics Cookbook Report Recipes
    Topic posted January 13, 2017 by Kenny TietzBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited February 22, 2017 
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    Desired Analytics Cookbook Report Recipes

    If you're thinking about contributing to the Analytics Cookbook but aren't sure what report you could add, we’ve provided a list of report recipes that we’d love to add to the Analytics Cookbook. These are use cases across different difficulty ratings to help you learn new things regardless of your level of expertise. We are striving to have something for everyone in this useful resource. We’re open to other report submissions. Don’t limit yourself to this list or hide that sweet report you're proud of!


    Desired Report Recipes

    Beginner Report Recipes

    • Average Incident Counts by Group or Agent – This is the average number of responses that are sent to the customer from incidents by agents or groups.
    • Daily Incident Backlog – Tracking the daily count of your team backlog can help managers understand if backlog is growing or decreasing to help staff accordingly.  NOTE:  This can be a HUGE help in making the case for new hires.
    • Current Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) – Tracking the current day or week customer satisfaction can help your support teams know how happy customers are.
    • Average Responses Sent by Group or Agent – Tracking the average count of incident responses can be a great leading indicator for customer satisfaction and can highlight coaching opportunities. For instance, an agent that is sending twice as many responses than your team average may need additional training or coaching.
    • More coming.

    Intermediate Report Recipes

    • Trending reports for any of the above beginner reports – Adding trending using date grouping and line or bar charts can help positive or negative trends for important key metrics increases the complexity of the report. However, these are very important part of site and team management. Trends can help find configuration/process optimizations, coaching opportunities, and/or validation that past changes are working.
    • Incident Solve Rate by Severity w/ CSAT and Graph – Grouping metrics together can help you to see how leading indicators (e.g. time to resolve) can affect trailing indicators such as customer satisfaction. Knowing how these past trends correlate can help you spot negative trends early or as they are happening to reduce the impact that these have on your customers.
    • Incident Metrics:
      • Avg Days Open by Severity
      • Avg Create to Initial Response by Agents
      • Incident Responses Count
      • Avg Create to Final Resolve

    • Agent Metrics:
      • Quarter over Quarter Incident Solves
      • Create to Initial Response by Agent

    • Aging Unresponded Incidents by Severity – Report that shows incidents X weeks old with no response by severity.  This is an important leading indicator that can help find incidents that make customers very unhappy.
    • "Oldie Moldy" Report – Report of all incidents open more than X months.  This report can help find holes in your process and/or spot teams that are overloaded.
    • Incident Submits by Channel – Report that shows which channels are being used by your customers to contact you. Knowing your channel mix and can help you determine staffing levels across different channels. This can also help you determine where to invest to help migrate expensive channel use (phone) to less expensive channels (chat or self-service).
    • New and Updated Answers Last Week – Report that shows recently updated answers.
    • Standard Text Content and Usage Counts – Report that shows the usage of standard text by your agents. This can help determine most popular standard texts. When used in conjunction with the existing recipes for KCS Answer Citations by Author and KCS Answer Citations by Group or other knowledge management reports this can help you create new standard texts for agents to use.
    • More coming

    Advanced Report Recipes

    These tend to be very specific. It would be great to see what killer report recipes you have created.



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    • Simon Kilgarriff

      RE: Desired Recipe Daily Incident Backlog

      Doesn't out of the box report ID 11 'Backlog' do this for you?  Admittedly, you may wish to include additional filters such as queue for example since the report just filters on interface.

      In terms of measuring 'by team' that is potentially more difficult as incidents may be unassigned and therefore have no 'team' yet.  


      RE: Desired Recipe Standard Text Content and Usage Counts

      Again, I think an out of the box report called 'Standard Text Utilised by Agents' ID 13034 does what you mention.


      There is little point reinventing the wheel. smiley  In my experience, it is often a good idea to look for a similar out of the box report to initially use as a foundation when creating a new one.


    • Luuk

      I've just mailed Erica the recipe for Oldie Moldy!