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    Exclude Category items in Chat Workspace
    Topic posted July 10, 2017 by Todd Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Exclude Category items in Chat Workspace

    We have several interfaces with some being English and some being French.  I have created many categories in both English and French and set the visibility accordingly.  The issue is that all our agents use the English console with some handling english and french but they see if the chat is coming in on a French interface and French intro message.  I am trying to exclude the English categories if it is from a French interface and the chat is handled by a French chatter but having no luck with any variation of triggers on the chat session workspace rules.

    English Category - "Other" with admin and end-user visibility for english interface

    French Category - "Autre" with admin and end-user visibility for french interface and also english admin visibility

    If it is an incoming french chat hide the English Other.


    Any thoughts would be appreciated...




    • Ammar Aldaffaie

      Hey Todd,

      Do both chat come to the same queue? I assume you have a French and English queue and you have French chatter profile and English chatter profile right?

    • Todd

      Yes we have an English queue and French queue as for the profiles it could be either an English chatter profile or French chatter profile but we also have quite a few agents that chat in both languages so they are part of both chat queues.  I did try the queue as the trigger with no success.


    • Ammar Aldaffaie

      You can do this with workspace rules.

      Apply this rule when the editor loads

      But only if Chat Queue = French

      Then set category to include this list

      else set the category to include the others

      I think this should work for you I do not see why not unless I missed understand your question I'm sorry

    • Todd

      Nope you understood correctly and have tried that using a French queue to hide/show the ones I wan't but it is still showing the English ones also.  I also tried using the French interface as a trigger also but same result.  It really doesn't make sense as the workspace rules are straightforward and have done it many times before to show or hide menu values. I'm wondering if Categories are a bit different and and cannot hide/show certain ones??


    • Ammar Aldaffaie


      I do have few more options.

      Try to use incident queue VS chat queue and see if that change anything.

      Another option will be to copy the workspace and assign French workspace to French agent and English to English agent profile and do your rules as editor load set category list that should work for sure.

    • Todd

      We are only using chat in OSVC and thus only chat queues.  Workspaces wouldn't work because we have agents that handle both language chats.


    • Ammar Aldaffaie

      the one that handles both can have the English workspace.

      I still cannot see why this is not working, I will look into this little more when I get a chance to spend more time trying to reproduce the issue.

    • Ammar Aldaffaie

      Hi again,

      So I did a quick test and I was able to get this to work based on the logged in user profile value and I wanted to let you know try to do your rules based on the logged in user profile.

      If French, give them the French list else the English list. and it worked for me same workspace just used the logged user profile. and if that did work for you I assume the issue is with the chat queue value.