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    Omar El-Elaimy
    WebViews for VBCSAnswered
    Topic posted October 18, 2019 by Omar El-Elaimy, tagged Action Flows, Services, Web 
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    WebViews for VBCS
    I want to create a web view in a VBCS app to be used within my digital assistant.

    Everything is good with the digital assistant component is good and done. Now my problem is in action chains and how to pass variables from a page to another in VBCS.

    I was following this tutorial:

    However, the problem is i can't find the FinancialDispute starter application for VBCS as the tutorial states. So I'm kind of doing everything on the app by myself.

    I need to know how the input texts (Name and amount) are loaded from the code that's written in the HTML index file.


    Also, how to pass the radio set value chosen to the action chain of the button that has a module function with postbackURL and data to be submitted which is the radioset's value.




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    Rohit Dhamija

    Hi Omar,

    Please download the final code from