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    Elena Istomina
    Supplier does not receive email to reset user account...
    Topic posted September 10, 2019 by Elena IstominaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Fusion, Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration, Supplier User Account 
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    Supplier does not receive email to reset user account password for Supplier Portal
    No email notifiaction to reset the password/access supplier portal is sent to the supplier

    Tested two scenarios:

    A) Added a contact with a user account to an existing supplier record in the vendor master as a supplier administrator -> new supplier contact does not get any email to reset the password and log into the portal

    B) Registered as a supplier via the supplier portal registration link -> no email to reset the password; only received email THAT "Supplier Registration Request 1001 Was Approved"

    Normally, the supplier should receive 2 emails:

    1) Oracle Fusion Applications-Welcome E-Mail: "Congratulations! Your Oracle Fusion Applications account has been successfully created. Please follow the link below to reset your password". [LINK HERE]
    2) FYI: Supplier Contact User Account for Saskatchewan Health was Created: "You were granted access to the supplier application for Saskatchewan Health. The user name and password for your user account will be sent in a separate e-mail." This email has all the roles that were assigned to the supplier.

    Has anyone else encountered this?




    • Hong Gao

      Please go to security console and check if new account email template is enabled for the default user category.