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    Sachi Mohanty
    Electronic Signature for Misc Transactions based on...
    Topic posted October 2, 2019 by Sachi MohantyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Electronic Records and Signatures 
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    Electronic Signature for Misc Transactions based on Transaction Type
    Restrict esignature requirement to Account Alias Issue and Specific Alias Name

    Electronic signature is enabled for Misc Transaction. We want to to restrict signature requirement to Account Alias Issue and specific Alias Name. Is this possible and if so can you share the Rule setup under Task "MtlManagementEresInlineTask.






    • Balaji Duvaragamani

      Currently  I see that inventory has exposed only 5 attributes to decide the approval rules. (PFA)

      If the transaction type (account alias, misc issue, misc receipt) is exposed as an attribute then that can be used to setup approval rules. The rules can be defined in such a way that for any transactions for which approval is not required, we can enable auto approval rule, so that approval is not required and it gets auto approved. 

      You may have to post this in inventory idea lab, asking for exposing the transaction types in the misc transaction as an approval attribute.




      • Sachi Mohanty

        Thank you Balaji. What is attribute "TxnTypeMeaning"?


        • Ramakrishna Venkatasiva

          Transaction Type is a code created for the system.

          TxnTypeMeaning is the user readable and translated meaning of the transaction type.

          For example: transactionType = RECEIVE. This is used by the system

          txnTypeMeaning = Receive. This is in English. In Korean, txnTypeMeaning will be something else.

          Another example: txnType=CORRECT. Meaning : Receipt Correction in English. In French, it is the french version.

          The reason both type and meaning are part of the ERES e-record task is that meaning is displayed in the approval e-mail and is translatable. And the code is used internally to process the actions and create the transactions upon approval.

          productCode has three values - INV (Inventory), RCV (Receiving) and WSH (Shipping(

    • Balaji Duvaragamani

      Once the attribute is exposed, auto approval rules can be used for conditions that doesn't require manual approval.

      please find the screen shot that shows how to setup auto approval rule.