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    Dave McKenna
    Expenditure Tax (VAT) by Project/Award
    Topic posted August 1, 2019 by Dave McKennaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Grants Management, Project Management, Public Sector 
    Expenditure Tax (VAT) by Project/Award
    Derive Tax code from Project/Grant

    We are a grants customer and have a requirement around tax treatment would like some input on.

    Trying to avoid creating advanced tax rules but want to derive default tax rates for expenditure transactions.

    An example requirement for this.

    We have two Grants and a linked project one research and one teaching.

    Teaching the default tax requirement is 20% 0% Recoverable

    Research default is 20% 100% recoverable.

    Both wish to buy a laptop which is Expenditure type IT Equipment.

    From my research we would derive the tax default from Expenditure type however depednadant on the grant we are purchasing for the treatment could be different.  The way round this would be to have two expenditure types, IT Equiptment Recoverable and IT equipment Non recoverable and the user then having to select.  However the user will not know what the tax treatment would be so we would see them guessing and using the wrong type.

    Is there anyway to assign a default tax code at either the project or grant so that expenditures in expenses/purchasing/payables/inventory derive based off that rather than the POETA entry?