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    jagadeesh gattupalli
    SLA Effect on PENDING Status
    Topic posted September 30, 2019 by jagadeesh gattupalliBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Service Console 
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    SLA Effect on PENDING Status
    SLA Effect on PENDING Status on Incident

    Hi ,

    I have a business requirement where my Incident Statuses are as mentioned below.

    New - Unresolved

    Open - Unresolved

    Pending - Waiting

    On Hold - Waiting

    Solved - Waiting

    Closed - Solved

    As per requirement the customer want Incident to be in Solved ( whci is actuallly Waiting)  status and after a 27 days of time the process should update it to Closed( which is actually Solved ) Status.

    I want to keep CI_HOURS as 0 so that waiting incident will not be closed automatically.

    MYQ_REOPEN_DEADLINE to set as 0 hours so that it cannot be reopened . (since solved status comes after 27 days). In between customer can reopen ticket.

    My question is what will be the effect on Incident by keeping incident in 'Solved - Waiting' status.

    How to represent SLA properly for this status in Reports.

    Please suggest.










    • Thiyag

      If a incident status changed to "Solved" then obviously the SLA will not be applicable for such incidents, you can have SLA till a incident reaches "Solved" or "Closed" Status.

      In case a user responds within a stipulated time frame then you can set a particular incident status using Business Rule then it will again come to normal incident cycle with SLA's.