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    FAQ: Is it possible to notify Requesters when their order...
    Topic posted June 5, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 17, 2018, tagged FAQ, How-To 
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    FAQ: Is it possible to notify Requesters when their order has been received?
    Can Requesters be notified when their order has been received?

    You might think this is common knowledge but in looking at the forum posts where similar questions have been raised, we believe there might be a need for quick reminder of the functionality that exists around this process. I am providing here an excerpt from the relevant documentation in Release 13 Update 18b that describes in good detail the process around receiving notifications when an order is received. I am also providing a link to said documentation at the end of this excerpt. I do hope this helps customers be aware of this functionality.

    Excerpt starts here:

    Confirm Receipt Process: Explained
    The Confirm Receipts workflow sends notifications through the Web or email to requesters or buyers who create requisitions in Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement. The workflow informs the requesters or buyers that they should have received an item.

    The most important aspects of the Confirm Receipts workflow process include:

    1. Notification criteria
    2. Notification options
    3. Notification delivery

    1. Notification Criteria
    The Confirm Receipts workflow sends notifications for items with a destination type of Expense, a routing of Direct Delivery, and a need-by date that is equal to or later than today's date.

    2. Notification Options
    You can have notifications sent to the requester for them to respond to the receipt status of an order. These notifications are called confirm receipt notifications.

    The options available to the requester who receives a purchase order notification include:

    • Fully received
    • Not received
    • Partially received

    Receive up to amount invoiced due to an invoice match in Oracle Fusion Payables

    Note: If the requester selects Not Received, a notification can be sent to the buyer regarding the requester's failure to receive the items on the purchase order. Later, when the requested items are available to be received, the buyer can either receive the items or send a notification to the requester again to complete the receiving process at the requester's end.

    The options available to the requester who receives a transfer order notification include:

    • Receive in full
    • Did not receive

    3. Notification Delivery
    When a purchase order is created, the line on the purchase order must have a matching level of 3-way matching. The Confirm Receipts Workflow Select Orders process must be submitted for the notifications to be sent to the requesters.

    Notifications are sent when either of the following occur:

    a) Some amount of time must have lapsed from the need-by date on the order line.

    The standard amount of time is 1 day after the need-by date, although you could modify this in the workflow.

    b) An invoice is matched to the purchase order line in payables, and the invoice itself is on quantity or amount receiving hold.

    For transfer orders, notifications are only available for expense destination transfer orders sourced from a requisition line. The transfer order must also have direct receipt routing.

    To use the Confirm Receipt notification workflow for transfer orders, enable the Transfer orders included for Confirm Receipt Process profile option. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, use the Define Receiving task to set up your receiving profile options.

    Excerpt ends here

    This and related documentation can be found here:



    • Haydee Mercado

      Hi Ashok-

      Good Day!

      Do you know if there's any way for the requester of a PO that is matched to an invoice to receive a notification (via application or e-mail) (when invoice got on hold) so that they are told that they must receive the PO for the invoice to be paid?

      Your inputs will be highly appreciated.





    • Ashok

      Hi Haydee

      I will ask Ivan to review this and provide a response. If you wish, you can post this in the Purchasing forum for him to respond. Let me know your preference.

      • Haydee Mercado

        Hi Ashok-

        Just realize your topic is on Self Servicesmiley. But will gladly appreciate it, if you can also provide help on this if you get the response.

        I'll post this on Purchasing forum too. 

        Thank you so much! 


    • Ashok

      Hi Haydee

      So in discussing this with Ivan, one thought that came up was to enable the requester as one of the approvers in the invoice approval workflow.

      • Haydee Mercado

        Hi Ashok-

        Yeah, thought that also but the problem is getting the specific assign requester on the PO Line to set as the approver. 

        Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.