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    Renan Robles
    Purchase Order in Supplier Portal
    Topic posted October 25, 2017 by Renan RoblesBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Purchase Order in Supplier Portal
    Is it possible that the purchase order copy can not show the amount?

    Is it possible that the purchase order copy can not show the amount? We are about to implement the Supplier Portal and have a concern about the suppliers seeing their approved PO amount. We currently only share the PO# to the vendor and do not tell them how much is approved for services. Does anyone know if we can hide the approved PO amount from the supplier?



    • Boyuan Zhu

      To clarify, do you mean that both the price and ordered amount for all PO's should be hidden for all suppliers in Supplier Portal? 

    • Renan Robles

      Yes. We do not want the amounts showing. Ideally, we would like to have the option to show or hide at our discretion.

    • Boyuan Zhu

      It's possible to use open up Supplier Portal as an admin, navigate to the pages in question and use Page Composer to set those fields to not visible. This will affect all users of Supplier Portal. 

      • Binayak Mohanty


        Thank you for responding to the queries from Renan. I will work with him in the same team for implementation of SP Project.

        Here is the details of the question.

        - We are a cloud customer and do not have any PAAS framework



        - Create Invoice functionality of Supplier Portal requires PO Matching while creating an invoice. 

        - When user clicks on the Match Invoice, Invoice Matching Page Opens up. 

        - At the time of matching Invoice lines to the PO, User has following options

                                         - Click on the PO number to view the details of the PO

                                         - After selecting PO number and line, available PO Amount is defaulted to Invoice Line Amount

        Now, our requirement is 2 folds

                                        - PO Amount should not be visible when user clicks on the PO details on the matching screen

                                        - After selecting the PO Amount, remaining amount should not be defaulted to Invoice Line Amount

        Please let me know, if above mentioned requirements can be met with Page Composer. We created an SR with Oracle support, and they suggested, as it is an pop us page, so fields can not be edited. Any additional information with this subject is appricieted in advance.




        • Boyuan Zhu

          Spoke with Payables team and they suggested that the defaulting behavior will have to be an ER. You can follow up with them on their board. 

          • Binayak Mohanty



            Thank you for responding to requirement#2.

            What is your suggestion about requirement#1 to hide PO Amount for Purchase Order? We tried to work on page composer but we could not find the edit option to disable the PO Amount for PO as the PO form in a pop up window from the Match Invoice Line Page.

            • Boyuan Zhu

              It is possible, but not recommended as that page is shared across multiple products.

              • Binayak Mohanty

                Is the PO information is same as Purchase Order page in procurement module?

                BTW, we created a Oracle Service request in Oracle Support to explore if we can mask the PO Amount, but oracle support mentioned as it is not possible as the pop page for PO information is not customizable in Supplier Portal module.

                • Boyuan Zhu

                  The page in the popup is not the same as View PO page in Purchasing, but it is used in other places in Purchasing, Procurement, and Financials. 

    • Vikram Agarwal

      Along with what Boyuan mentioned I think you will also need to customize the PO email notification which is send to Supplier