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    Charles Heishman
    Cross-Application, Cross-Subject Area OTBI Analysis
    Topic posted September 19, 2016 by Charles HeishmanGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged OTBI 
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    Cross-Application, Cross-Subject Area OTBI Analysis
    Ability to include cross-application analysis within one PPM dashboard

    I have a requirement to build a Project Portfolio Management dashboard in OTBI. Most of the content in the dashboard comes from Projects subject areas such as Budgets, Forecasts, and Costs. Therefore prompts and drilldowns to further Projects details works as desired. There is an additional requirement to include comparisons of purchase orders issued vs purchase order invoice payments by project. The Projects subject areas do not contain this detailed information. It is contained in the Procurement and Payables subject areas.

    I can create a comparison using an analysis based on a union of two dissimilar subject areas (Procurement and Payables). However, the main dashboard prompt that selects the individual Project Number to display in the individual dashboard analyses is not passing into this newest analysis. So all the Project based analyses in the dashboard show the one Project Number's data but this new analysis shows ALL Project Numbers' data - no Project Number filtering is taking place based on the dashboard prompt. I've read that prompts cannot be used in Union analyses, so that could be part of the problem.

    Is there a more efficient way to pull this non-Project Costing information into a dashboard that is primarily driven by Project Costing data? Or is this even realistic to do within OTBI?

    If there is additional information I can provide to help identify a solution, I'm happy to provide it.

    Thank you.