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    Chris Peckham
    OTM Cloud 6.4.1 Release Content Document
    Topic posted February 12, 2016 by Chris PeckhamRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited March 28, 2016, tagged Cloud, Fleet Management, Freight Payment/Billing/Claims, Integration, Mobile Apps, Operational Planning, Order Management, Parcel Shipping, Rate Management, Release, Setup, Sourcing, Tendering and Booking, Transportation Intelligence, Transportation Management, Upgrade, UX, Visibility and Event Management 
    OTM Cloud 6.4.1 Release Content Document
    Read about all the new features coming your way with the upgrade of your Cloud instance to OTM 6.4.1

    Start preparing now for your upgrade to OTM Cloud 6.4.1.  There have been lots of exciting new features added to the product since 6.3.4.  The attached OTM 6.4.1 Release Content Document (in .pdf, .html, and .epub format) will give you a look into these new features and help you begin planning for how your organization can leverage them to improve your logistics operation.