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    Eliane Vianna
    Supplier Portal - Supplier User need add a Attachment in...
    Topic posted August 6, 2019 by Eliane ViannaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Financials, Orders, Setup, Supplier Communication 
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    Supplier Portal - Supplier User need add a Attachment in the Purchase Order
    Supplier Portal - Supplier User need add a Attachment in the Purchase Order

    How to the Supplier User (user of the Portal) add a Attachment in the Purchase Order in the Supplier Portal?

    With Standard Roles, the Provider does not have access to add ATTACHMENTS in the Purchase Order.
    The supplier user needs to attach a doc (PDF / XML / XLS / others) either in the PO header or in the same PO line, thus sending, for example, the Invoice ODF issued by the supplier, so that the user of the system can associate the Invoice with the PO and later with Invoice.

    A SR at Oracle states that this need is a request for future improvement. (very future).

    Has anyone here faced this same problem and acted on it?
    Please, if you can help me, thank you very much.


    Thanks.    MARCOS SOARES

    R13- last version



    • Alan Ng

      Moved from Supplier Management forum.

    • Swati Gupta

      This is working as expected. If the logged-in user is a supplier, we disable the + icon to add attachments.

      Please log an Idea if you would like an enhancement.

    • Eliane Vianna

      Thank You Swati. Good afternoon!

      This possibility for the Supplier to add an attachment to O.P in its Portal would be very important for practically all Suppliers to attach for example a PDF of the Invoice issued by the supplier associated with said Purchase Order. This is very usual in Latin America.
      This possibility could have been Configurable, either by using some privilege or otherwise.
      Could you tell me whether or not this need is in progress and whether it could really be met by Oracle?



    • Swati Gupta

      Hi Eliane,

      Adding attachments to PO from supplier portal is not configurable currently. Please log an Idea for this requirement.