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    Janusz Jasinski
    Profile permissions descriptionsAnswered
    Topic posted January 10, 2019 by Janusz JasinskiBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, last edited January 10, 2019, tagged Service Console 
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    Profile permissions descriptions
    Can we view a description of each profile permission attribute?


    With the attached, when connected to the accounts table, I can get a list of users and their associated profile and therefor permissions. My question is whether there is a resource to describe what each of the attributes on a specific profile permission means?

    So for instance, under Contact Permissions, a user can have the following

    Service View, Service Move, Sales View, Sales Move, Marketing View, Marketing Move, Service and Sales View, Service and Sales Move, Service and Marketing View, Service and Marketing Move, Sales and Marketing View, Sales and Marketing Move, Service, Sales and Marketing View, Service, Sales and Marketing Move, Thread User, Thread Other

    Is there anywhere that states what each one means. Not only for Contact Permissions but services, global, analytics, integration etc

    I have seen which is close to what I need but it doesn't mention the attributes specifically


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    Janusz Jasinski

    Lovely - I'll see if I can do something similar - is it ok to use the one you sent over as the basis?

    Thanks for your continued support!