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    Karen J
    Include digests in subscription options
    Topic posted March 24, 2016 by Karen JBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Discussion Forums, Personal Settings and Preferences, Subscriptions 
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    Include digests in subscription options
    Include digests in subscription options

    It would be extremely helpful to have a daily (and weekly) digest option for the posts/comments instead of receiving individual emails.  Sometimes the lively discussion on a topic can overwhelm my inbox, and I don't have time to read/respond to every post, though I do schedule time to visit my Forums on a weekly basis.  Having a digest option would alleviate the non-critical emails that I am sent.



    • Hemal Kapasi


      Thanks for your suggestion. This is something we have already discussed and I will add this to the list of features to be reviewed for the future pipeline. As of now, our platform is unable to provide this option for sending digest emails.

      We will keep you posted whenever there is an update.